Agustí Elias


Agusti is the son of Quirze and along with his brother Lucas is a chief trainer at Can Alzina, the stable location of Barcelona Horses. Agusti trained with double Olympic Dressage rider, Luis Lucio, and is currently a professional trainer of Dressage horses here in Can Alzina. Agusti has a skilled eye for the correct morphology of a Spanish horses, and has an extensive knowledge of Spanish bloodlines. So much so he could be equated to a Spanish horse Encyclopaedia. He has competed several times at Grand Prix level, and currently has a fine string of competition horses. Agusti has trained many horses to Grand Prix level and is a highly talented horse trainer specialising at in-hand work, aiding young horses to learn their first steps of Piaffe and Passage.


Lucas Elías


Lucas is the son of Quirze and along with his brother Agusti is a chief trainer at Can Alzina. From 1997 to 2000, he worked for Double Olympic Dressage rider, Luis Lucio, before branching out on his own as trainer and International dressage rider. He has trained several young riders to become Spanish champions, and one of his students gained a prestigious bronze medal at the European Young Rider Championships. Lucas has many times been a pupil of the renowned German trainer, Jean Bemelmans, who has been a highly successful trainer of the Spanish Dressage team since the early 90s. He has been a successful Grand Prix rider and continues to excel in the Big Arena with his horse LAREDO. Apart from his talent on horseback he is credited with a top trainer status given the amount of students who he has trained to represent Spain internationally and on the […]



Barcelona Horses

2010 saw some radical improvements to the facilities here in Can Alzina. We have some of the best horse facilites available anywhere on the the Iberian peninsula. 31 Brand new large German built Rower Rub stables. State-of-the-art, 6 horse indoor horse walker. Martin Collins all-weather indoor and outdoor arenas. Indoor lunging ring. 15 turnout paddocks. Restaurant


Núria Vila


Nuria was born in Barcelona and studied as an engineer at UPC Barcelona. From 1991 she trained under double Olympic Dressage rider Luis Lucio until she was 21. In 1997 she joined the team of Beatriz Ferrer-Salaat, where she remained for 7 years as the first rider in the team. Beatriz became Spain’s most successful ever equestrian, and won Olympic team silver and Individual Bronze medals at the Olympic games in Athens. In 2002 Nuria gained the coveted title of Spanish National Grand Prix champion on a Stallion called Zorro Z, and regularly competed in large International shows such as Lingen, Balve, and Norton-Harden-burg. Nuria is a very talented horsewoman who has trained several horses to Grand Prix level, not only that but also a highly respected trainer with her students winning at International Level.